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Brannon has worked with couples struggling with sexual addiction and betrayal trauma for many years.  Through his work he noticed that some individuals and couples healed from betrayal trauma and addiction and some get stuck.  Some move forward and some go backwards. 

Ashlynn and Coby were able to move forward as a result of the pain of the betrayal and addiction.  What's different about them from a couple that gets stuck?  Why were they able to move forward, find healing, and create love and safety again in their relationship? We answer these questions. 

The Betrayed, the Addicted & the Expert is designed to illustrate what works in recovery.  This is not just an "expert" with a masters degree giving you advice.  What you will find here is real life wisdom coming from a place of experiencing what works and what doesn't.  Brannon guides and gives insight and Ashlynn and Coby share their personal experience through their recovery process. Our message is hope.  There is hope because you can create healing in your life.  You can get unstuck.  You can move forward!


Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery | Podcast


For most of my 16-year marriage I believed the lies I was told and that replayed in my head. I believed I was not enough and never would be emotionally or physically.  I believed that my marriage had hard moments because I was a jerk, quick to anger, a prude and unforgiving.  If only I was … then we’d be happier.  I suspected his behaviors during our first month of marriage and pulled back.  I lost trust in his actions and words.  I didn’t understand why the man I married chose to seek other women over the one right in front of his face.  I didn’t understand, and nor did he that it was an addiction that could not be cured by marriage, religion or prayer alone.  


Today we live with hope, understanding, empathy, mindfulness and love.  


Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery | Podcast

the RECOVERING addict

Porn was my great thief of self-worth for more than 28 years.  I was 38 years old when, for the first time in my life, I said out loud to my wife, “I’m proud of who I am.”  With tears in my eyes I reflected on the painful lies, deceit, and heartache I inflicted on myself and my wife. That moment I realized I could not have been more free of shame, grateful and full of hope for the future.



Recovery has given me peace, connection to Ashlynn and my girls that I have never had, confidence when I think of God, hope for an ever improving life and pride in whom I’ve become.  I stay firmly connected by using the tools given to me and by working at recovery every single day.


Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery | Podcast



I have seen that simple truths heal others. My life experience and professional expertise have led me search for answers that heal addiction and trauma. I know that resistance causes suffering and has been a warrior for truth and light to invite others to stop resisting and face life with gratitude.   

I have found that having faith, gratitude, and courage creates connection and love. Through these principles, I have helped many overcome drug and sex addiction as well as heal from betrayal trauma. I find my connection to God through music, nature, and my love to connect to nature, my wife and children, and God.  As much as I love working with others,  I also crave getting in the dirt and gardening, fishing, hiking, and camping.


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