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Betrayal Trauma and Addiction recovery


Each week we will share our three different perspectives on topics dealing with relationships, recovery & addiction leaving you with HOPE for change no matter your circumstance.

People pay over $100 for 1 therapy session.  For this $10 you get consistent content on healing topics, you get access to Q&A's and you get exclusive invites to our events and workshops. 

Learn from Life-changing experts in sexual addiction and betrayal trauma community. Our unique program provides the powerful opportunity for healing from addiction, betrayal, trauma, and abuse.  

Betrayal Trauma & Addiction Recovery: Dealing with Her Pain
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Brannon has worked with couples struggling with sexual addiction and betrayal trauma for many years. Ashlynn and Coby were able to move forward as a result of the pain of the betrayal and addiction. Together, we are the betrayed, the addicted and the expert.

The Betrayed, the Addicted & the Expert is designed to illustrate what works in recovery.  This is not just an "expert" with a masters degree giving you advice.  What you will find here is real life wisdom coming from a place of experiencing what works and what doesn't.  Brannon guides and gives insight and Ashlynn and Coby share their personal experience through their recovery process.  Want to know more of our stories?


   My wife introduced me to your podcasts a couple of months ago.  Since then we have been changing our relationship.  The workshop today was great.  Thank you for what you are doing.  You are changing lives and marriages.


- Brian

   I feel so validated and understood! Thank you thank thank you! I feel like I got real answers and skills of how to communicate with my partner and how to avoid drama pitfalls and unproductive fights. I feel inspired and also scared to reach out to a shame partner. I really want to follow through with betrayal trauma treatment and therapy for myself. This workshop was awesome and totally worth the money.


   This was so challenging for me emotionally to be this real and honest but so rewarding to get a real honest help and support.  You have no idea how much this has helped and changed me.  


- Peter

- Melissa

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